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  • "Thank You" Marketing James E. Thompson, JD Like you, I went to Law School, learned about Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, etc., but did I ever

  • Resources James E. (Jim) Thompson, JD practiced law for over 26 years before retiring. As a trial lawyer he tried well over 100 cases, both

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  • Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Program for Lawyers Marketing Made Easy... and Even Fun! Marketing your Law Practice doesn't have to be difficult, and you

  • Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Program Get Clients Now!™ The Simple 28-Day Marketing Program Learn how doing ten simple things every week can BRING YOU

  • Getting More Customers / Clients James E. Thompson, JD Considering all the books you could read, seminars you could attend, or consultants you could hire,

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  • When was the last time you heard this? “I’m So Glad You Called!” James E. Thompson, JD Just why don’t we hear this more often,

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  • Mistakes Lawyers Make Marketing Their Practices James E. Thompson, JD Most lawyers think that if they spend a lot of money advertising or marketing their

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  • Plug Into Your Purpose James E. Thompson, JD If you've been in business for a few years, you've probably been marketing your business for just

  • Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals Marketing Made Easy... and Even Fun! The days when a professional could just hang up a shingle

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  • Jim Thompson's Get Clients Now Program is a 28-day marketing program which is guaranteed to help professionals, business owners, and lawyers to get more clients or your money back!

  • Contact Us I'd love to hear or read from you! If you would like more information or if we can be of service to you

  • Upcoming Schedule Get Clients Now Programs Day Date Time Mondays Oct. 17 thru Dec. 9 7:30 to 9:00 AM* * The 1st two sessions will

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  • What People Are Saying Testimonials "As a financial advisor the key to a successful practice is to develop a strong base of clients. For many