Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Program for Lawyers

Marketing Made Easy... and Even Fun!

Get Clients Now logoMarketing your Law Practice doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't need to be pushy or spout a bunch of hype. Best of all it does not have to be expensive. After all, you're not selling snake oil or used cars. You're selling professional services people need, want, and are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to get.

The secret to successfully marketing your services is choosing a number of smart, easy, tactics and then executing them systematically.

The Get Clients Now!TM coaching program gives you every tool you need to start effectively marketing your services, as well as the support of seasoned professional who is committed to your success. Together we will formulate a customized marketing plan that works, based on your values, vision and goals. Why? Because you are the one implementing this plan, to promote your business, so your strategy must be as authentic and unique as you are. If the plan we devise resonates with your goals and service aspirations, we've probably found an approach that also appeals to the type of client you hope to attract.

And don't forget, I give you personal, continual support to ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

If you've ever wondered how you can best leverage your marketing efforts or create a cost-effective, personalized plan that is right for your company, the Get Clients Now!TM coaching program is for you.

Lawyers and other professionals have been using CJ Hayden's Get Clients Now!TM Program to grow their practices for years. Now you can work with lawyer's coach Jim Thompson to use the program to locate, land and keep more new clients than you've ever thought possible.

Who should attend?

Lawyers who want to create a marketing plan and put it into practice. If you need an extra jump start and 28 days of support for your marketing- this program works. You will have everything you need to be successful. Even if you're starting from zero- the framework you create will get your efforts off the ground. If you're serious and ready to focus, try this program for 28 days- you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What you will learn...
  • How to make time for marketing 
  • Specific tactics and tools you'll use over and over 
  • How to track your success and make changes if needed 
  • How to get and stay in action  
What you'll do...
  • Create a personalized marketing plan
  • Choose 10 daily actions that you commit to taking for the program's duration
  • Report progress and discuss opportunities and obstacles weekly
  • Get into action and on the road to results
  • Attract more clients and make more money 
How it works...
  • Two 90 minute seminars offered over the telephone or at your office location. 
  • Customized daily marketing plan for you to follow 
  • Weekly follow-up coaching sessions. 
  • Get Clients Now! Program Information 
Kick-Off Teleseminars

Two classes give you everything you need to create your own customized 28-day marketing plan. The classes run about 90 minutes, depending on so you will need to block out a full 90 minutes just in case.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each week for the 4 weeks after the seminars, you'll attend a weekly coaching call. Attendance is what guarantees your results. When you know you'll be updating a Coach on your activities you're much more likely to take action. It's proven. During these coaching calls, you'll share your wins, your struggles and experiences. You'll get feedback and ideas, and you'll also learn from your Coach. If you have an off week- you'll get the encouragement and support you need to get back into the game. (scheduling conflicts do arise, and that is why these session are held over the phone.

Your Investment

If you could get just one new client over the next 28 days what would it be worth to you?

For all 6 sessions, 2 seminars and 28 days of support, your investment is will only be $350.00 which is probably about your normal billing rate. I am so sure that this program will work that, if in fact you follow the program, and you do not get at least one new client, I will refund the $350.00. Within certain parameters, I will even let you draw up the Agreement stating this.

If you are interested in growing your practice, please give Jim Thompson a call at
708-785-4022 so receive more details
about this program.